iStock_000005550102XSmall_1310148935242Unless you’re prepared, applying for a mortgage loan can be something like going into a strange supermarket without a shopping list or your wallet… bewildering, time-wasting and frustrating! Also understand that searching on the internet for a mortgage often leaves many additional fees and payments like taxes out of the equation. Sometimes, buyers look on the internet to get an idea of what their house payment might be, and the internet application did not ask about taxes or insurance.

Depending on the home purchase price, and area you are buying in, your payment could increase $150+ dollars a month.  We always recommend talking live with a lending professional, as they know the appropriate fees to include, based on the area you are looking to live.

At the same time, all lenders are not equal. A referral from a local lender is the best idea. Someone else who had a great experience with a knowledgeable lender who has made the process easy is your best bet. Sometimes lenders who offer “lower rates” also offer less than desirable service.

Contact us and we would be more than happy to provide you with some names of our preferred lenders.

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