1_1310154818577When representing a seller, our goal is to get you a contract as quickly as possible, at the highest price possible and with the least amount of inconvenience to you.  We are constantly searching for ways to educate ourselves on how to provide our clients an edge in selling their home.  Real estate in Cincinnati is very diverse, depending on your location.  We work with sellers to create a custom, original marketing plan based on their needs, the unique home and their location.  We look forward to working with you on the sale of your home.



C__Documents_and_Settings_Pillar_To_Post_Desktop_2_1310154818644When we take a listing, we plunge head first in getting the home and marketing materials ready for the very first person who sees your home on the MLS.  The first day is extremely important to the marketing of your newly-listed home.  We will load the listing with 15 color photos of the interior and exterior with detailed descriptions.  We also load a virtual tour on our site, that will be distrubuted to many other local and national websties.  The virtual tour often includes up to 100 additional color photos (See “Virtual Tours”)  Many people searching for new homes are contacted daily by the MLS with new listings.  It’s very important that when potential buyers see your home for the first time that your listing is complete and detailed, otherwise we miss that opportunity.  You would not believe how many new listings appear on the MLS without photos on day one!  The photos of your home can sell your house, so we need to make sure buyers see them.  We keep all of our listings on our websites and they are updated instantly as contracts are accepted, closings occur and listings enter the MLS marketplace.

Your Home’s Competition In The MLS

At the same time that you have your home listed on the market, so do many other sellers.  We will contact you when other homes in your price range are being listed or reduced.  This helps you know where your home stands in relation to your competition. You can compare your home to others listed at the same time-frame and price range to understand what the buyers will see.

Internet/Web/Email Marketing

Internet marketing is the future, and the future is now.  As many as 85% of all home buyers begin their home search on the Internet.  As the price range of homes increases into the luxury level ($500,000+), even more home buyers begin on the internet.  Your home will be listed on Keller Williams Website as well as our personal websites.  Also, as one of the benefits with listing your house with our team and Keller Williams is that your property will not only show up on our local MLS and Websites but be published to many other websites such as: Google, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. We are constantly adding more links and advertising to other sites to advertise your home to niche markets.

KW.com is an international site, and we have locations in over 50 countries.  We have an email marketing campaign for area agents in their respective markets and inform them when a listing comes available that they may have buyers for.  We use reverse prospecting among realtors and we can explain this further at our meeting.

Virtual Tours

We use a Virtual Tour to market unique aspects of homes. These tours have as many photos that are necessary to give the buyer an extremely accurate representation of your home and all its special features.  Typically there will be 30-100 photos depending on the size of the home.  Not only do we want to show the best aspects of your home (foliage, views, etc.) we may even include photos from the community or neighborhood.

Feedback from Showings

We consistently follow up with agents who show the home to gain feedback with regard to location, pricing, amenities, etc, so that we are aware of the perception of buyers.  The feedback is gathered a day after the showing, and we pass it on to you as soon as we receive it.  This feedback often helps us make necessary changes or adjustments to sell the home more quickly.

Are You Ready to Start on the Path of Selling Your Home?


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