We strongly believe in the value of a thorough home inspection by a qualified professional. In fact, our purchase house_inspected_1310150309911agreements include a clause alerting our buyer clients of their right to engage a private inspector for added protection in your home purchase. Home inspectors are not licensed in Ohio, but in Northern Kentucky, licensing is mandatory.


What can home buyers expect from a private home inspector – besides a bill between $250 – $400 (depending on size and price and number of units on the property and/or complexity of the inspector’s report)?

First of all, we suggest you choose an inspector/inspection company that are members of either the American Society of Home Inspectors(ASHI) or National Association of Home Inspectors(NAHI). Home inspection is presently a comparatively unregulated industry in many states, including Ohio; ASHI and NAHI certified inspectors meet stringent requirements and abide by a sturdy Code of Ethics.

Next, expect a quickly delivered written report, often given at time of inspection, or emailed for convenience.

Expect practical returns. While you can see for yourself many flaws in a house, the practiced eye of a professional inspector can probably spot more, especially in areas not easily accessible to home buyer or real estate professional.


Experience has taught us that home buyers don’t hesitate to make necessary repairs to the home they’re considering – they just want to know up front what to expect, and how much money to plan on spending.

Your private home inspection protects your interests, just as an appraiser’s inspection protects the lender from whom you’ll obtain your mortgage. Your inspection assures you that the house you’re purchasing is what it appears to be. It alerts you to the maintenance and repair your new home will need as time goes on. Any major safety concerns will be addressed and repairs negotiated into the purchase offer.

If no serious problems are found, inspection can pay off indirectly in maintenance tips and the assurance that you are making a sound investment. And if the inspection unearths catastrophic problems that can’t be resolved to your satisfaction, your purchase contract agreement protects your interests.

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